Headstrong Lil' King S 25 watt Princeton ® Reverb style amp

The Lil King-S was Wayne's idea to create an amp that was never made during this era, a 25-30 watt amp between a Deluxe® Reverb and a Vibrolux® Reverb but not as bulky or heavy as either. The other, to take a stock Lil King and see how far he could push it without changing the inefficient Phase Inverter found in the original circuit. The theory was to create a higher powered version with more headroom and bottom end definition, but when overdriven would retain some of the classic small amp character. Tech Info & Features: -25 Watt Tube Powered -Hand wired Tag Board -Tube Reverb and Tremolo -Finger jointed pine cabinets -Eminence Speakers Camera: Canon HG20 w/ RODE SVM Mic Guitars Used: Fender: Strat/Tele Gibson: ES-125/ES-335 Imports: Samick ES-5 w/Lollar P-90's PRS Import w/ Stock P-90's More video and audio on our site. Video owners manual, A/B demos, as well tube amp tutorials coming soon!!! www.headstrongamps.com

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