EEVblog #671 - White Van Speaker Scam Teardown

Dave exposes the global White Van Speaker Scam and tears down a Marc Vincent Surround Sound Receiver, one of the items sold in Australia through this scam. How crap is it?, watch and find out! Also a 3D Optics HD-8500 projector that is also sold as part of the scam that involves the absolute cheapest quality parts sold under fake brands at grossly inflated prices from literally the back of a van. A Current Affair Exposé of the scam in Australia, and the Marc Vincent brand in particular: Not to be confused with the real Mark Vincent (note the spelling) who won Australia's Got Talent. The same scam in the UK: 3D Optics HD-8500 datasheet: Datasheets: TDA2030 Power amplifier: Nuvoton 8051: Forum: EEVblog Main Web Site: The 2nd EEVblog Channel: Support the EEVblog through Patreon! EEVblog Amazon Store (Dave gets a cut): Donations: Projects: Electronics Info Wiki:

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