Transistor Characteristics (Transistor as Switch, Transistor as an Amplifier and transistor biasing)

This Video includes basic's of Transistor, Working of Transistor, Transistor characteristics, Common emitter amplifier, Transistor as switch and Examples based in transistor. In this video, i have initiated explanation with internal structure of transistor, layered diagram of transistor. Then i have explained types of transistor. Then i have explained modes of Transistor. Then i have explained J1 and J2 junction of biasing of transistor for its three different modes of operation. 1. Cutoff mode of Transistor 2. Saturation mode of Transistor 3. Active mode of Transistor Then i have explained working of transistor with common base configuration. and i have explained working of transistor with flow of electrons and holes. Then i have explained transistor characteristics with common emitter configuration. In which i have explained input characteristics of transistor and output characteristics of transistor. Then i have explained application of transistor such as Transistor as switch, Transistor as an amplifier and biasing of Transistor. after all those basics of transistor i have summing up my video with 20 examples. For more details and material on above topic visit website of Engineering Funda with given link: And SUBSCRIBE for more science videos Engineering Funda channel is all about Engineering and Technology. Here this video is a part of Power Electronics.

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