Mini Digital Audio Power Amplifier Auto Car Boat Home Hi-Fi Stereo MP3 AMP iPod ******************************************************************** Specification MP3, iPod, CD/DVD playerinput jack Low distortion Frequencyresponse :20Hz 20kHz Haronicdistortion: 0.05 4W 1KH SNR : 85 dB Jack input:standard stereojack Reader, U-diskformat : MP3 FM Built-in FMfunction FM87.5MHZ-108.0MHZ Hight control:12dB +-10 KHz Bass control :12dB +-100Hz The signal level: 220 MV 47 K reader, U-diskformet :MP3 FM FM frequenvy:87.5MHZ ---108.0   Voltage: DC 12V Output Power:200 W Dimensions:110 155 45 mm Material:lightweightaluminum Introduction Can play thedisk SD /MMCcard for musicand FM stereoradio, supportMp3 musicformat. USB+SD+FM Selecthigh-power Twochannelprofessionalpower amplifierintegratedcircuits,minimaldistortion,strong power Pre-professionallevel inputoperationalamplifier IC forcircuit design,sound ,transparent,bright. Filtering andanti-large-capacitypower circuit DSP sound fieldpattern of thefour Two main channel Key function Volume: volumeadjustable andhost switch Bass: basstuning Treble : Hightadjustment mode: play mode,selection clickn play Udisk's song double clickplayed SD's song three clickplayed Fm stereoradio Play/scan: theplay/pause/Fmautomaticallyadjustable. play modes:short pause,click thisbutton againaccording toplay .short fmmode, click thisbutton for fmautomaticallyadjustable. next: next inthe play Prev Back inthe Play

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